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Meet Lee Biggins, Founder Of CV Library

Lee Biggins is the founder of one of UK’s most prominent job-seeking platform. Currently he serves as the managing director and looks forward to taking the company to being the top job seeking company in the United Kingdom.

The entrepreneurial spirit of CV library’s founder started a long time ago – probably he was even born with it. At an early age he had already started to run small businesses including a mini car wash business from money he had saved personally. He also took his salesmanship to the Basingstoke fishermen by selling them cold drinks on sunny days. At 38 years of age and after more than 20 years after, he started CV Library, which is regarded as one of the most prominent independent job boards in the United Kingdom. With a market capitalization of more than a hundred million pounds and a database of more than 10 million CVs till date, CV Library is truly Lee Biggins’ empire.


Lee Biggins, founder of CV Library

Lee Biggins, founder of CV Library

All Great Things Started With A Single Step

After taking notice at the stress involved with job applications, Lee Biggins thought up the idea of creating a website for job applicants to make the process easier, as explained by this BBC article.

According to him, he said that he had to send his CVs to every job recruitment company out there because he was looking for a job. He thought within himself that there ought to be an easier way of getting it done. This is when he came up with the idea of CV Library; as a platform for job seekers and recruitment companies to connect.


During the first three years of operating CV Library, Mr. Biggins received nothing for his efforts on the website but continued working for his father in his carpet business. To expand on his knowledge about the job recruitment industry, he took shifts at a recruitment firm. In a bid to take CV Library to making profits, he tried attaching flyers about the business on every car outside of the Fleet railway station, but unfortunately this proved abortive. As a result Mr. Biggins began to pay for adverts on Internet search engines including Google.


The number of users gradually began to increase until in 2004 when CV Library suddenly burst into limelight with an accompanying surge in the number of job seekers. As a result, there arose a need for staff to effectively operate the business. Mr. Biggins hired the first employees during this period. Admittedly, Lee Biggins says that the success of his firm is mostly due to its timing. He said this because as at the time, the Internet was relatively at its nascent stage, and the number of users with a fast Internet connection was still growing. This is true and as a result led to CV Library to being one of the first of such job seekers websites around that time. According to him, he says: “We only needed £9,000 to set up the business because the internet was new, and there was no-one else out there”. He went on to say that achieving a similar feat today is now difficult due to various obstacles. Presently, setting up such a business entails that a lot of capital is needed – probably running into millions of pounds.


Lee Biggins’ View On Being An Entrepreneur

According to Mr Biggins, many people go into business for the wrong reasons. This is the reason why so many startups fail. Because the entrepreneurs see business as a lifestyle and not something that they’re passionate about, they most times than not fail in their business. He advises entrepreneurs to go into business either because they want to provide a solution to a problem or because of their passion towards a product, as reported by newbusiness.co.uk

Selecting the right product and sticking with it until they begin to work is what entrepreneurs need to do if they are to make it in their business. He says that when entrepreneurs notice that a business isn’t going to be feasible that they should pull out immediately instead of diversifying into other related stuffs. If business owners don’t do this they are prone to losing a lot, especially their customers.


His personal dream is to see CV Library take on the number spot as the leading job board in the United Kingdom. However, he says that the fact that as his firm is already more profitable than its major rivals as a pointer to the imminent possibility of his dream. He also plans on expanding his reach to other nations including the United States within the next year. Taking companies like LinkedIn and Indeed as examples, he hopes to take CV Library to marking a turnover of one billion dollars in the immediate future. He aspires to take his business to a point where he doesn’t have to input much into it anymore. In anticipation for these, he has already started grooming people for this.


Lee Biggins As An Altruistic Man

Being the founder and managing director of CV Library, Mr. Biggins donates to charity in his own capacity.

At one Christmas season, he spent some time at The Orphans for Orphans Foundation in Sri Lanka where he joined Rob and Paul Forkan the founders of Gandy, as reported in this article.


Going back to 2005, Rob Forkan used to be a part of CV Library as he was one of the first people to be hired by Mr. Biggins. However, after the death of their parents in 2004, Rob and his brother Paul, went on to found their own company Gandy, which is a lifestyle brand for travelers. Losing their parents to a Tsunami disaster in 2004, they now donate 10% of their profits to supporting underprivileged children who are hit by the Tsunami. Mr. Biggins stated that he and Rob’s relationship has come a long way from his time at CV Library. He also commends on how the brothers have continued to build their company by travelling the world. The Sri Lanka trip was a way for Mr. Biggins to meet with the brothers and he says that he would always cherish the memories. The Orphans for Orphans Foundation in Sri Lanka is a children’s home that supports children and other community members in a wide range of areas including academics, woodwork and sporting activities. The foundation supports youth development in the community and offers the children and their parents a chance at being educated.



The story of Lee Biggins - CV Library founder and manager

Infographic showing the story of Lee Biggins – CV Library founder & managing director.