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CV Library – a British Success Story

Just like every successful company that there is today, there is one thing they have in common with CV Library. That is the fact that they all have a pretty interesting background story. The success story of CV Library is more like a “rags to riches” type because it was started on gold or abundant wealth. The sheer determination and passion of the founders is what led to a large extent to the success of the company. As culled from the Wikipedia entry for the business, the story of CV Library is one of Britain’s most interesting.


They say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” This is true as was seen in the case of CV Library. The company was founded by Lee Biggins after he left his father’s carpet business to begin seeking for jobs and was met with frustration. It was 1999, at a time when the Internet was beginning to grow and marked by the dot com boom; Mr Biggins saw an opportunity and used it in creating one of the top job-boards in UK today. He thought of a website where job-seekers and recruiters could connect and acted on it, the result being “CV Library.”

CV library has now become one of the fastest growing websites in the United Kingdom and continues to expand. With a staff membership of more than 140 people, the company has now gone on to launch a sister site, Resume Library serving the United States.

According to Mr. Biggins, he accredits the success of the business to his hard work, passion and strong desire to succeed with the business.


CV Library: The Story Of How It Began

Mr Lee Biggins poses with the CV-Library logo

Mr Lee Biggins poses with the CV-Library logo

CV library was established by Mr Lee Biggins in 2000 (and his friend Mr Brian Wanke) after he left his father’s carpet fitting business to start up something of his own. Due to his entrepreneurial spirit and independence, he decided to leave his father. However, shortly after leaving his family’s business, he was met with frustration while job hunting, as the magazine Forbes adds. There is a statement that “creativity thrives in adversity,” this is surely true as was seen in Mr Biggins case. The frustration that welcomed him in his job hunting adventure was what gave him the idea of a website to connect job hunters and employers without going through much stress. Giving the growth of the dot com business at the time, he took advantage of this and set up a business that would later become CV Library. This was made possible as he bought himself a computer and a guide on using the Internet both for £849; he also enrolled for a course on IT, at the end all his efforts paid off.


He met and joined forces with an old pal of his, Brian Wakem. Mr Wakem had prior knowledge in IT as he had at a time created a website for car lovers. Together they both obtained a bank loan of nine thousand pounds which they used in setting up the CV Library website. Based on their agreement, Brian was to be in charge of the technical parts of the business while Mr Biggins would focus on administrative duties. As a result of Mr Biggins’ inexorability towards the success of the business, he was able to drive the company to where it is currently at today: the top of the job recruitment industry. His passion and undeterred determination in finding a way of making job seekers and employers easily connect which kept him going years ago is what he still uses in driving the company today.


More than a decade after CV Library was founded; the company has risen to become one of the largest online job recruitment websites in the UK. Under the leadership of Mr Biggins, the CV Library team has continued to expand and at a really fast rate with over 160 staff members as of 2016 up from the two that originally started the business. With the company headquarters in Fleet, the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds as new regional offices are continuously being set up. 2016 experienced a period of time in the company marked by immense growth, particularly when Mr Biggins completed an internal buyout of the company’s shares making him the sole shareholder and owner of the business. Despite his immense contribution, he continues to involve himself in the daily operation of the business to ensure the continued success of the company. To put it more clearly, Mr Biggins’ efforts have contributed to the consistent 30% yearly growth of the company since the past three years.


Tips For Career From CV Library

The career advice section on the CV Library website was set up as a way of helping people who care so much about their career but have little or no time to think about it due to work. Virtually all employees can relate to this. Through this section, the site is assisting the job candidate who is willing to take professional advice, and land the desired job.



Barney The Owl: CV Library’s Mascot

Barney the owl is the official mascot of CV Library. The owl is a blue one and has appeared in a lot of commercials for the company helping job seekers find their way around the website. But there is an interesting story behind CV Library’s blue owl.

Barney the owl - cv library logo

CV-Library’s mascot: Barney the Owl

While running the company from a local barn, Mr. Biggins and Mr. Wakem would spend hours every day to ensure that their business succeeded. The only friend they had was Barney. Barney was an owl that lived in the same barn as their company and would keep them company through the long hours that they spent at the beginning years of the company.



What The Future Holds For CV Library

The future of CV Library is really bright and holds a lot of good for everyone involved. Mr Lee Biggins has personally well over half a century of awards since he started CV Library, close to 20 years ago. Just recently, he was presented the award for Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition, CV Library was ranked at 49 in Sunday Times’ Profit Track 100 in April 2015.


With the rapid growth and expansion of the company (CV-library reached 150,000 live vacancies in 2017), CV Library under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Biggins is set to take on the global job recruitment scene. Visit the official site of CV-library for more information.