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8 Signs That You Need a Professional CV Writer

We are in a time when competition for job positions seems to be more vehement than ever. This is worsened by the global drop in employment and shortage of relevant jobs. To stay ahead of the pack and keep the head above water as a job-seeker entails that one has to be more serious and take proactive steps in getting a job.

To make matters worse, the proliferation of over-seas experts seeking job opportunities and the drop in cost of education means that the competition may be fiercer than anticipated. This simply means that acquiring educational certificates would no longer be enough if you want to get hired.

Nowadays, the importance of having a well-written CV is more crucial than ever. Gone are the days of having an average CV and waiting for an interview to impress.  These days a professionally-written CV can land the job for you even without going for an interview. It is no wonder many job-seekers are seeking help from professional CV writers to keep them ahead of others.

Although there are many reasons that point to the fact that you need to hire the services of a professional CV writer, this article discusses only a few of them. Below are eight reasons why you need to hire the services of a professional CV writer.


1) First Impression Counts

Before you can get the chance to show yourself through an interview, all you to talk about you is your CV. The contents of your CV says a lot about you to the recruiter. If your CV doesn’t impress the recruiter then the chances of getting an interview are really slim. Great CVs written by professionals convey a lot about you and tells the recruiter why you are the best for the position.


2) It Takes Time To Craft A Great CV

Writing a compelling CV is not something to be done in a haste. Most job seekers don’t have the patience when writing their CVs and the result can be devastating for them. You can spend a lot of time fine-tuning your CV but you may not really know what the recruiters are looking for from your CV. Having your CV written by a professional CV writer saves you a lot of time and energy that should have been diverted into other things.


3) Professional CV Writing Can Be Demanding

When you continue to have your job applications rejected time and again, your poorly written CV could be the problem. Going through several templates that you got from the Internet to write a great CV can be a job in itself. Instead of going through this stress, leaving this job to a professional writer can save you a great deal.


4) You Are Constantly Met With Rejection

There are situations where a job seeker continues to apply for jobs but every time he receives either a bad response or no response at all. The problem may not be unrelated to his CV. When you continue to meet rejection after applying for jobs which you are qualified for, then it probably means that you need to work on your CV. Getting a professional CV writer or career coach can easily fix this problem as they will point out where you are making mistakes and the right things to do to prevent similar occurrences.


5) You Don’t Like Writing

Many people are great at their jobs but they are not really great at writing. If you fall into this category or you can’t really express yourself on paper, then you might be wasting your time with writing your own CV. Hiring a CV writing expert will go a long way to helping you get a CV that speaks much about you than if you continued to do the writing by yourself.


6) You Are A Good Writer But Don’t Know How To Write About Yourself

Just recently I took a workshop on CV writing and the best techniques for scaling an interview for a company making redundancy. The company organized the workshop to ensure that their employees go into the job market with the best chances of getting another job as quickly as possible. This group of employees that underwent the workshop surprisingly had one thing in common: they were all exceedingly humble. To describe the extent of their humility, I asked them about their achievements and it was like they all went into hibernation. They all became suddenly mute.

This can be found in several other people as well. These people find it really hard to talk about themselves, let alone to write about themselves. This is where a CV writing expert or career coach can be of immense help as they’ll guide you through the process of identifying your achievements and help you bring them onto your CV. Some people may find it easy writing great CVs for themselves, but many others do not. If you find yourself to be in the latter group, hiring a professional CV writer would be a great investment for your job life.


7) The Best CVs Are Usually Tailor-Written To Fit The Specific Job

At The CV Architect, we have a large team of highly experienced and professional CV writers with experience in many job areas to ensure that your CV is perfectly written to fit the job position at hand. An industry-tailored CV tells the recruiter that you are the right person for the position based on your experience.


8) A Long Term Solution

Getting a professionally written CV does not only increase your chances of getting hired for the job at hand, it is also a long term investment. Having a professional to write your CV may look to be a waste of your money, but it goes beyond that. It assures you of a greater chance of getting hired for the next job position that shows up.


For more information or enquiries about our professional CV writing service, feel free to contact us at enquiries@thecvarchitect.com